Pro Bono Hours


If you have pro bono hours as part of your continuing education for license renewal, those hours have to be reported to CE Broker. However, the hours (up to 10 total) need to be approved by the Florida Board of Podiatric Medicine. Per Rule 64B18-17.001 of the Florida Administrative Code:

(f) For active licensees in good standing, up to ten (10) hours of pro bono service may be counted toward the required continuing education for the biennium in which the service was provided. Pro bono service, however, must be performed under the auspices of a nonprofit agency or in clinics serving the indigent or otherwise underserved populations in areas of critical need within the state. Proof of such service on the agency’s or clinic's letterhead and signed by the director of the agency or clinic must be provided upon audit of the licensee’s continuing education credit hours.

Documentation (per the rule above) must be submitted to the Board and approved by the Board before the hours can count. The Board will then enter those hours into CE Broker.

Please do not mail the documents to FPMA. Mail them to:

DOH - Board of Podiatric Medicine
4052 Bald Cypress Way, Bin C-08
Tallahassee, Florida 32399-3258