OPEIU Local (GUILD 45) Health Care Plans


A Valuable Benefit Available to FPMA Active Members
(by virtue of their membership in the GUILD)


The Florida Podiatric Medical Association proudly announces available access to fully insured healthcare plans through Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield.

The available plans, accessible to active members in good standing and their families, has an expected initial open enrollment date of Monday, July 1, 2019. Coverage plans are for single, single with child, single with multiple children, married, and family.

Plans will be written through a “Blue Card” that is recognized by all Blue Cross Blue Shield companies in the fifty states and internationally.

PLEASE NOTE: This health plan is a benefit offered through OPEIU membership. Neither the OPEIU, OPEIU Local 45 nor FPMA are acting as an insurance agent or broker. Please direct your inquiries and calls to CDS Administrators at the access numbers contained in the offering.

Information about the OPEIU Local (GUILD 45) Health Care Plans can be accessed via the links below. Updates will be added as they become available.


UPDATE (6/21/19): Current OPEIU Guild members will receive an email with an enrollment kit prior to the July 1, 2019 open enrollment date.


UPDATE (7/25/19): Enrollment in OPEIU healthcare plans has been extended to August 15, 2019.


UPDATE (8/16/19): On August 15, 2019, the Local 45 (GUILD) of the Office and Professional Employees International Union (OPEIU) officially confirmed that the Florida Podiatric Medical Association has met the threshold for enrollment and announced that all members of the OPEIU/GUILD 45 will have access to fully insured healthcare plans through Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield. For those members who enrolled in OPEIU healthcare plans during the initial enrollment period, coverage will begin on September 1, 2019.


UPDATE (11/12/19): Open enrollment for January 1, 2020 plan coverage has begun. Eye and Dental Coverage, as well as a Medicare Advantage plan, are now available. Click on the links below for additional information about current open enrollment options.


If you have any questions about OPEIU Local (GUILD 45) Health Care Plans,
please contact CDS Administrators at 1-877-578-8710.