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Course completions submitted to CE Broker are used to determine that licensees have met their continuing education requirements at the end of the effective license renewal period. CE Broker offers a number of benefits, including the ability to check the status of your CE requirements anytime, day or night, as well as the ability to search for courses that match your outstanding CE needs. FPMA recommends that members report course completion information early to avoid delays in the renewal process.

Please Note: FPMA does not certify non-FPMA event credit hours (e.g., CECH earned by attending the APMA National) to CE Broker. It is the responsibility of the Florida-approved provider conducting a non-FPMA event to report an FPMA member's CECH earned to CE Broker (FPMA electronically submits CECH to CE Broker on behalf of attendees of its SAM and Summer conferences).

Members should go to the CE Broker website, log into their account (or establish an account if they have not already done so), and make sure that their CECH credits have been properly recorded prior to getting relicensed. If CECH information has NOT been recorded in the account, the individual will need to enter that information into their CE Broker account themselves.

FPMA has arranged a partnership with CE Broker that gives members a discount should they wish to establish a Professional Account. Members are welcome to use the free Basic Account, but the Professional Account makes fulfilling requirements easier and provides more detailed CECH information.

As an FPMA member, you can receive $5.00 off the CE Broker Professional Account (contact the FPMA office to request the code).

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